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Could you provide a copy of your recipes?

Our founders, along with our research and development department, have spent years perfecting our products and recipes. As you can imagine, this information is proprietary; therefore we are unable to share our recipes..

What type of seasoning do you use on your steaks?

The seasoning we use on all of our steaks is a homemade blend we call “Delmonico’s Steak Seasoning” and it is available for sale at any of our locations.

Who does the caricatures in your restaurant?

A local Syracuse artist named J.P. Crangle creates our favorite décor in each Delmonico’s location. We encourage customers to walk through the restaurant and admire the caricatures.

Do you have daily specials?

We do! We have a variety of items that we run as specials every day.

Do you have a gluten-free menu?

Yes! We offer a gluten-free menu. Because all of our menu items are made from scratch, we can provide vegetarian and vegan options as well as accommodate many food allergies.